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With the fast-paced changes in property law, and increasing digital focus, Easy Move aligns the expertise and quality control of industry leader Belinda Scott with the strength of a cohesive legal team.

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Bringing the experience and dedication of property experts at the forefront of conveyancing.

Real Estate

Whether it's your first home, an upgrade or downsize, or an investment property, we can help you buy and sell with ease.


Working with developers to settle many blocks after Titles are registered, and ensuring consistency throughout the development with covenants and design guidelines for purchasers.

Retail Leasing

For commercial and retail landlords and tenants, make sure your disclosure and lease are compliant and enforceable.

Real Estate

For your industrial business site, for shopping centres, street frontage retail space, we can ensure you're buying what you believe you're buying.

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Belinda Scott

Principal Licenced Conveyancer

Andrea Pace

Conveyancing Assistant

Dana Smart

Senior Conveyancer

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Buying a Property

What Happens At Settlement

Settlement is the culmination of what we’re trying to achieve in a conveyancing file. For the vendor or the seller, they’re wanting to obviously hand

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simultaneous settlement
Buying a Property

Simultaneous Settlements

If you’ve ever heard the term “simultaneous settlements,” you might have wondered exactly what they are and how they work. In this blog, we’ll explain

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