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The last 2-5 years has seen the pace of life and change increase. This includes the changes in the requirements in the legal industry, across many areas of the law. 

As TBA Law endeavours to keep pace, many are falling behind, and we are having to be innovative with how we provide qualities services efficiently, at the same time as keeping up to date.

We are moving towards a model that will have clearer defined practice areas, and each practice area will be headed by an accredited specialist or subject matter expert.

To stay at the forefront of the property law area, TBA Law introduces Belinda Scott. With over 20 yeas of experience as a licensed conveyancer, but also training and lecturing for tertiary institutions, and within other law firms, Belinda is the ideal person to lead this practice area.

TBA Law is merging Belinda’s brand Easy Move Conveyancing under one umbrella. We are all the same people, so your cohesive team of local professionals will now be lead by department- or practice-area heads that are experts in their field.

This restructure of the property law work that TBA Law does will address many of the risk management concerns in the conveyancing industry, with Easy Move as an industry leader. The compartmentalising will also allow for long term cost saving benefits for our clients, so our fees will remain lower than many of our counterparts. 

With the combined experience of Belinda, Melitta Hill, Jacqui Brauman and Sarah Coombs, Easy Move Conveyancing has more than 50 years of property law experience to ensure a smoother conveyancing experience for you!


originally published at www.tbalaw.com.au


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