When To Engage A Conveyancer

when to engage a conveyancer

By Belinda Scott

When you’re looking to buying or selling a property, it’s important to know when you need to engage with a conveyancer. A lot of people don’t realize what the role of a conveyancer is until they need one, but that can be too late.

A conveyancer is responsible for protecting your rights during the buying and selling process. We ensure that you meet all of the legal requirements for the transaction, as well as handling the documentation, correspondence & negotiation involved in the process. We’re here to help make your purchase or sale as easy as possible. 

We often get contracts and clients coming to us after they’ve signed, up to a week or ten days later. If there is an error in the contract, it can be difficult to help them unless there is a technicality we can use to get them out of the contract.

It is a good idea to involve a conveyancer like us early in the property-buying process before any contract is signed. You might employ a buyer’s agent to help you find a few properties to look at, but you should also get a conveyancer involved at that stage. When buying property, many people forget to consider the legal issues associated with property ownership.

That’s what we do for you. We can help you find the property that best suits your needs and requirements, saving you time and effort. We guide you through the process of purchasing a property, from obtaining a title search to checking for planning permission. If you sign a contract without our help, you might make costly mistakes. We will review the contract and Vendor Statement to ensure that there are no problems before you proceed with your purchase.

I had a client last year who’d looked at many properties, and he engaged me about five or six weeks into his search. He was looking at vacant land to build on. He told me that he wanted to put a shed on the property. I made a mental note of this and later saw that, in the plan of subdivision, the lot he was wanting to buy had an easement across the back of the property. This meant he was unlikely to be allowed to build a shed there.

As is often the case with easements, the terms of his particular agreement prohibited him from building anything of a permanent nature. Therefore, when I informed him that he could not build a shed on that lot, he realized that it was not a good fit for his needs.

He would have been bound by the contract and therefore forced to proceed with the purchase. So, he was going to end up buying a property that cost a fair bit of money that he could not do what he wanted with it. The property did not suit his needs, so he ended up finding another property that did—a shed-friendly one— but this highlights why you need to engage a conveyancer like us. We will read through your contract and do our research, talk to you about what it is that you want from your property and make sure that you are buying something that suits your needs.

I had the same issue with another client recently. These investors bought a property in Melbourne for over a million dollars. We went through the contract and the Vendor’s statement, realising that there were a couple of issues that were not disclosed in the Vendors Statement. There are also a few things that need to be further investigated. We may need to get permits, and we may also need insurance. If the property has illegal works, we will not be insured if there is an accident, like a fire. We are trying to see if we can come to an agreement with the sellers that will benefit my clients. If not, they will be pulling out of the deal.

Next time you’re buying or selling a real estate property, whether it’s a house you are wanting to live in, a block of land you wish to build on, or whether it’s an investment, make sure you come and talk to us and we’ll do our very best to help you through that entire process.

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